Radical Transparency Experiment

From 2020 till 2025

We have always operated at the fringe, never participated actively in forums, twitter or anything. The reason is that we are here to make money and not let ego get in our way. We used to think that by publicising our thoughts, we are committing ourselves to an idea which reduces our flexibility in deciding to buy or sell. The ability to change our mind when fact changes is an important trait to us.

The reason why we had started the blog is to create an experiment to bring some investors who may share the same philosophy with us together on the same stage and page. We are also starting to believe that some of these writing may help us more than hurt us. Foremost, we are able to articulate our thoughts better, check for inconsistencies in our hypothesis and we do not think that it will reduces our ability to change our minds.

For the past few years, we have just been investing our own capital and our portfolio had never been disclosed. Since starting the blog, we are at a dilemma on how much of our portfolio should we disclose to the public.

To solve the dilemma, we will be unveiling a live $500,000 portfolio and it will be filled with shares we had bought since the blog started. The portfolio changes will be updated quarterly at the start of April, July, October and December.

Do take note that this portfolio is just a part of our overall portfolio and our weighting may not be the most ideal and may even seem skewed. This blog will definitely be live for 5 years till 2025 and the data collected here will help to determine if we should continue to pen our thoughts to the general investing public or we should just go back to a private basis again.

So wish us luck and continued flexibility in our decision process.

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